About Us

About Us

We are a global company that serves a global industry. Our Sales and Services Center operates 24/7 year-round and is staffed with highly qualified sales, shipping, accounting, and support personnel. We are Cars dealers in Japanese Car Trade, a legitimate and trustworthy used car exporter from Japan.

When you are considering importing a Japanese used car, please contact us. We will export Japanese used cars for all customers in the world who appreciate high-quality Japanese used cars.

Trusted & Reliable Exporter

With our huge years of experience in the business of import-and-export, we understand clearly the needs and requirements of our customers in the international market. Especially the importance of trust and reliability to deliver what it has been agreed and promised.

Excellent condition, Top Quality for a good price. We always perform a regular and personal inspection of each and every vehicle to ensure they all meet the standard and quality to satisfy our customers.

Satisfactory Services

You’ll see how good our services are when you receive your car safely. Please note that our services are not only until you receive your car, but we also give you good services after that.

We take good care of your car in the long term.


Our goal is to shape the future of car trading and become the most trusted source for B2B vehicle trade worldwide:

To set best-in-class service and logistics standards for our clients while persistently striving for excellence To constantly improve through innovation and training To bridge the gap between supply and demand of cars on a global basis To expand our sales and supply network daily.


We take our involvement one step further by offering support to promote your own company/car dealership. Our Marketing specialists with years of experience are always available to offer any additional support.

From Marketing strategy questions to new promotional ideas (Brochures, Manuals, Events & Exhibitions), you name it – our specialist can offer you innovative ideas and provisions wherever necessary. We help you market your car dealership successfully.


Our logistics coordinators work daily to preserve the utmost efficiency in cost as well as transit time for all of our clients.


All insurances for CIF terms are handled in-house. Vehicles tend to face a variety of potential risks, particularly during the transportation process. Adequate transport insurance must, therefore, be taken out to assure a smooth transition. Uninsured accidents can and do tend to have far-reaching consequences for customers and their business operations. Fair Trading Co ltd works with the largest international insurance companies. As a general rule, we offer All Risk Insurance Policies at the most competitive prices.

We also place great importance on guaranteeing the quality of our vehicles prior to transportation

Our Contact Information

Someya, Sakai, Sashima District, Tokyo, Japan.